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FIFA Plans To Move 2022 Qatar World Cup In Winter

FIFA Plans To Move 2022 Qatar World Cup In Winter

Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter | © Zimbio/ Ronald Martinez

FIFA is once again, under siege after the alleged plan to hold the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has been moved to November, instead of January.
Kicker source disclosed that there is indeed, a possibility to change world cup matches schedule on a much earlier date to pave way for a winter World Cup. This was after FIFA President, Sepp Blatter mentioned that Gulf temperatures can go to as high as 50° in summer.
Criticisms welcomed the proposed change with FIFA executive member, Theo Zwanziger describing the whole scenario as a “blatant mistake.” Zwanziger added that such change endangers the “unity of German football.
Richard Scudamore, Premier League chief executive, also showed his support towards Zwanziger statement, saying that it can affect the whole European domestic league.
Implications of the proposed change
The scheduled change is seen to affect Europe’s match scheduling.
Since most leagues are known to have a winter break, holding the prestigious event on winter translates to a major schedule adjustment. This also means a shorter preparation time for the participants. As for the English Premier League, for example, it will require at least six (6) weeks to organize the members of the national team.
The shift might also impact the attendance of the said event. It will prove to be very inconvenient for the audience, who has to endure freezing temperatures.
Moreover, this will also mean that World Cup has to go neck to neck with other popular sporting events such as the Australian Open, Basketball. Ice Hockey, etc.
Zwanziger stressed that the “decision should be a lifted if it was a mistake” and should not cause more trouble for unaffected parties.
Image Source: Zimbio

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