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FIFA leads new campaign against doping in football, other sports

FIFA leads new campaign against doping in football, other sports
Fifa Against Doping


Aiming to reinforce doping regulations and ensure the effectiveness of sanctions taken against offenders, FIFA has planned to host an event involving the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to be held on November 29-30. The campaign is titled “Time has come to change the strategy of the fight against doping in sport.”

WADA has received displeasing reception from Olympic sports leaders due to its excessive spending to analyze too many tests but without catching sizable drug cheats. Collaborating with sports organizations like FIFA was the agency’s key action to prove that their intentions are genuine and that they are seriously looking for tools that could help them enhance their function.


The FIFA-hosted conference was announced after a meeting on July 10 between the football body’s medical administrators and WADA director-general David Howman. FIFA confirms that the event will be organized by medical representatives of international team sports federations, the International Olympic Committee, and the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations.


The football society makes decisions on their anti-doping program based on the specifics of the game, scientific evidence, and analyses of validated doping statistics.


FIFA’s advocacy against doping is recognized by rigorous doping control regulations, ongoing data collection, and support of evidence-capped research. Based on the total annual number of samples collected and analyzed, football shows a low overall incidence of positive samples―well below 0.4 percent compared to the previous years.


Also in November, WADA will host a conference in Johannesburg to update the World Anti-Doping Code.



Source: World Cup Blog

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