FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Has the countdown for Brazil World Cup already ended?

Has the countdown for Brazil World Cup already ended?

World Cup Countdown Clock

World Cup Countdown Clock | ©

There are growing assumptions that Brazil is not yet ready to host the World Cup or anything else in scale. In addition to the dozens of demonstrations that plagued the government recently, there are some other things that seem to hamper Brazil’s effort to handle such a big event. When the official World Cup countdown clock got stuck at ‘365 days’ a few weeks ago, some analysts have considered it a “premonition” that the event is indeed “not favoring” to its side.
The countdown clock stopped ticking since the arrival of the first South American pope to the country for the World Youth Day. Sponsored by Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot and currently installed in Rio de Janeiro, the clock got stuck at “365 days” even though the World Cup is now just 11 months away.
While local organizers have stated that they are aware of the malfunction, immediate response to address the issue has quite been slow. It’s been weeks and the huge timepiece still cannot keep up with accurate time. However, the company in charge of maintaining the clock did promise to fix the technical problem very “soon.”
It may be ridiculous to base the fate of a world event as prestigious as the World Cup on a wave of riots or a malfunctioning technology. But it should be noted that these—whether taken seriously or not—are important factors to consider in order to arrive with sound results. Big problems start from small things; so while they remain small, they should be repaired in the earliest time possible.

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