FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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We are the right choice for the World Cup―Brazil sports ministry

We are the right choice for the World Cup―Brazil sports ministry
Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter | ©


With a great deal of protests framed to its doorstep, the Brazilian government might have been an incorrect choice to host the 2014 World Cup. This is according to FIFA President Sepp Blatter who cited the more than one million demonstrators that that took on the streets to protest the seemingly callous $14 billion-budget allocated for the world event amid the furious cries of the Brazilian poor.


The Brazil sports ministry referred to the success of the Confederations Cup as a proof that the South American country has the knack for hosting an event as high-profile as the World Cup. But even in the cities where the Confederations Cup was held, protesters still went out of their hive and fought shock bombs and rubber bullets fired by the armed forces. In fact, even in the match between Brazil and Spain at the Maracana stadium, mists of tear gases drifted through the venue during the first half.


To settle things down, Blatter plans to discuss the issue when he meets Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in September.

To me, these protests were like alarm bells for the government, the senate, the parliament,” he remarked. “They should work on it so that this is not going to happen again… we are convinced [that] the government, and especially the president, will find the words and the actions to prevent a repeat. They have a year to do so.


In response to Blatter’s statement, the sports ministry has accentuated that protests are a normal part of democracy―the type of regime that Brazil identifies itself.


As for the demonstrations, Brazil is a democratic country that guarantees its citizens full freedom of expression.

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