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Brazilian gravity for FIFA 2014: Kaka and Ronaldinho may absorb the weight

Brazilian gravity for FIFA 2014: Kaka and Ronaldinho may absorb the weight

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With earlier reports suggesting a possible axing of football veterans, Kaka and Ronaldinho, from the Confederations Cup squad, the fate for the Selecao pair has somewhat took off a detour. Brazil chieftain Felipe Scolari has recently hinted a possible reabsorption of either of the two players, citing their experience as essential factor to drive a relatively young side to triumph.



Kaka and Ronaldinho were former members of the side Luiz Felipe Scolari brought to Korea and Japan in 2002, where they bagged the World Cup (in addition to other distinctions, such as the Ballon d’Ors and Champions League). However, none of them had done enough to astound the returning manager in his second stint as in-charge of the Pentacampeões.



Since his move from AC Milan to Real Madrid, Kaka has started to perform in a pale fashion. This was due in part to coach Jose Mourinho not giving him enough exposure in the limelight. Ronaldinho, likewise, has had a low-key performance since his Barcelona days with team captain Lionel Messi.

Scolari has not yet completely decided which players to take to the World Cup next year. He already has casted a group that has the potential to win the tournament but said that he may need further analyses to measure who really are the most able-bodied players to represent South America’s largest nation.

In a press report, the 64-year-old manager was quoted saying, “We will keep an eye on every Brazilian player—in Europe and in Brazil—to ensure the best players will be included in the national team in 2014.



Apart from adding the Brazil squad with their much-needed experience factor, Kaka and Ronaldinho will also reduce the mushrooming pressure shouldered by Canarinho forward, Neymar.


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