FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Aiming a World Cup repeat win: Spain should Work More

Aiming a World Cup repeat win: Spain should Work More

The 2010 World Cup champions | ©

Aiming a World Cup repeat win: Spain should beef up their power a little bit more



The David Villa-dominated Spain have to bulk up with more drills than their 2010 regimen if they want to ensure a consecutive win in the FIFA World Cup. The 2014 tournament is fast-approaching and fierce competitions are doing their best to dethrone the reign of the Iberian gods.



Here are five things—as compiled by Alfonso Duro—that La Furia have to take into consideration before they unbridle their prowess in the Brazil tourney next year:



1. Hunting for exceptional talents to ease the pressure put on the forwards
Converting style into solid goals is the main mantra of the Spanish team, which they used in the past World Cup. In this upcoming tournament, however, the side is in dire need of exceptional talents as forwards Fernando Torres and David Villa may no longer keep their torch on fire.


2. Sketching a new design for the midfield
The team’s players are not getting any younger. Xabi Alonso and Xavi Hernandez were at their prime during the 2010 World Cup, but their propensities are fast deteriorating in the hands of ripening age and injury. A full-house support in the middle is therefore strongly encouraged. This should lift the squad’s heart and soul to the same bar as with their 2010 performance.



3. Replacing Arbeloa on the right hand side of the defense
With recent reports suggesting a waning Alvaro Arbeloa, the Real Madrid full-back may have approached his time for a necessary ouster. In other words, he can no longer work as a team asset and needs to be replaced by a more able-bodied player immediately.


4. Developing a “Plan B”
The past matches that Spain had battled out were remarkably resilient. However, in spite of this fact, there lies a weakness in their system: the inability to cope with much-needed change of pace and style.
Overcoming the buckles on their road is necessary to remain steadfast. Spain should hire players who have the knack for quickly getting to the opponent’s goal, creating crosses, and finding a target man upfront.


5. Intensifying youth power
The FIFA World Cup is summer’s counterpart in football, which means that the fountain of youth is one of its key features. For Spain, it would be much more practical if their most senior members will be taken over by younger yet equally impressive players. The likes of Isco, Thiago, and Illarra will be powerful addition to squad, having had a wonderful season with the U-21.

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