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2022 World Cup in Qatar: A blatant mistake?

2022 World Cup in Qatar: A blatant mistake?

Theo Zwanziger

Theo Zwanziger | ©

The riots frolicking in the ridges of the Brazil Cup have just started. And yet, another World Cup issue is being thrown to the popular event: a FIFA executive calling the appointment of Qatar as host for the 2022 World Cup a “blatant mistake.
Theo Zwanziger’s reason of his disapproving Qatar to host the conventionally summer event in Qatar in 2022 is simple: a winter schedule is practically unsuitable to play football. This came after FIFA President Sepp Blatter suggested the World Cup to be played in January or February, as summer temperatures in a low-lying, desert location are beyond the reach of mercury thermometers. Players would faint playing under the mighty solar rays and can largely cause discomfort to everyone else involved in the tournament in general. Erecting well-ventilated or air-conditioned stadiums will prove costly, and even solar panels that harness sun energy to be used in the venues would incur expenses as high as the clear sky.
The former head of the German football federation (DfB) discouraged the rescheduling of the event to winter months, envisioning the move as equally fatal as its summer consequences.
Changing the World Cup to the winter is going deep into the structures of European national federations and also amateur football in Germany,” said Zwanziger. “A change in playing schedules does not only affect the Bundesliga but continues affecting lower divisions due to the link with promotion and relegation. The game pyramid is in danger and so is the unity of German football.
Several European leagues have a winter break and often require a hiatus of a few weeks to accommodate national teams preparing for, and playing at, the World Cup finals. In addition, the planned winter event will take a toll on the television viewership ratings for other major sporting events like the Australian Open and the Winter Olympics.

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