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Limiting Ronaldo’s Playing Time Can Be A Portugal’s Key To Success

Limiting Ronaldo’s Playing Time Can Be A Portugal’s Key To Success

Amidst serious injury scares, Portugal’s talismanic striker, Cristiano Ronaldo went back to training last Saturday. But with a tendinosis to attend to, Paulo Bento might be forced to limit the poacher’s playing time.


According to reports, tendinosis instead of tendinitis is the main culprit behind Ronaldo’s hurting knee. The two are often mistakenly interchanged, but the fortunate football superstar is lucky enough to have the injury detected early.


Compared to tendinitis, tendinosis is the gradual result of wear and tear. Since it involves micro tears, anyone suffering from such injury will need time to heal the damage. The more exposed the area, the longer it will heal and this is exactly what the Portuguese squad is trying to do with Ronaldo. So far, “conservative measures” as well as advanced treatments are observed.


Apparently, such approach is not just for Portugal’s benefit alone. This is also for Real Madrid, who has a Champions League title to defend and a domestic title to work on. The club had a strong campaign at La Liga last season and could have won the silverware if not for the major slips they have experienced during the season’s last leg.


But Real Madrid has the luxury of time, whereas Portugal needs Ronaldo now. While critics might say that Portugal is not just about Ronaldo, his absence has already affected the squad’s attacking department. In two of their last pre-world cup friendlies, Portugal struggled to get a 1-0 win over Mexico whilst Greece forced them to settle for a scoreless stalemate.


Clearly, it cannot be denied that Ronaldo’s presence is as important as air for Portugal. Although the squad boasts an impressive resume, missing Ronaldo in their world cup matches is a risk that they cannot afford to take.


Image Source: Zimbio

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