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Keshi Crosses Out Key Players In World Cup’s Final Roster

Keshi Crosses Out Key Players In World Cup’s Final Roster

Nigeria’s top brass, Stephen Keshi is currently under fire after dropping several key players in his final World Cup list.
Among the most notable players that did not make it to the final cut were Nnamdi Oduamadi, Victor Obinna and Sunday Mba. Mba’s exclusion was the one that drew the most attention.


Mba was the popular hero of the African Cup of Nation’s final last year. He scored the winning shot against Burikina Faso and handed over the crown to the renowned Super Eagles.


On the other hand, Nnamdi Oduamadi is known for scoring hat trick during the Confederations Cup, which was also held last year. Lastly, Obinna was responsible for sealing the squad’s World Cup berth when he netted a free kick, which immediately eliminated Ethiopia during the play-offs.


Meanwhile, upon receiving the news of his elimination, Mba shared his “disappointment” over the said decision. He mentioned his eagerness in helping the squad secure a strong finish in the competition. However, he also stressed that he has also accepted the fact that what transpired was his fate. Mba also encouraged the fans to continue supporting the Super Eagles.


As for Keshi’s apart, he disclosed that the decision to eliminate Mba was due to the latter’s (lack of desire), not to mention his late arrival in the training camp due to a visa-related issue.


Keshi is known for fielding uncapped players into important matches and (drastic) decisions. What happened with Mba and the other players is nothing new of Keshi. However, such move never fails to surprise many.


Nigeria belongs to Group F where they have to face Argentina, Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The squad, however, is one of the least favorites to win with world cup oddsvalued at 9.50.



Image Source: Goal

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