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Jorge Sampaoli: What the Chilean Players Need is a Top Brass like Him

Jorge Sampaoli: What the Chilean Players Need is a Top Brass like Him

Chile will play for the FIFA World Cup 2014 in their home continent and are among the qualified teams to have the advantage of being accustomed to the soaring temperatures and smothering humidity levels that Brazil throws up. This alone already indicates hope for the side. However, there is more. Argentine coach Jorge Sampaoli would be the best guy to handle such a tough coaching job for La Roja. A proud disciple of Marcelo Bielsa, he has the brilliant knack for switching his shape to disrupt the flow of the oppositions. He can do this with relative ease and in very short intervals, and the pressing game is impeccably good.

Chile’s success under the hands of former manager Bielsa renewed faith of the Chilean supporters on their national team. An inspiring manager who plays brave and really delivers, Bielsa made it nearly impossible for other wannabes to match his caliber. Many other coaches tried to wear his hat but none of them came as close as Jorge Sampaoli did. The current Chile manager blends plenty of influences but remains faithful to the style of his master and compatriot. He creates a less fundamentalist but essentially useful approach that allows him to recreate what Bielsa once delivered for La Roja.

Sampaoli is a “nomadic” manager, serving as top brass for a fairly sizable number of clubs. Once the head coach of sides in Peru and Ecuador, he found his greatest achievements in Chile. He was one of the youngest best coaches in the world and remains to be among the greatest. Concentration, mobility, rotation, and doing the unexpected are key ingredients to his winning formula that Chile deeply believes in.


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