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Jackson Ready To Fill In The Falcao Void

Jackson Ready To Fill In The Falcao Void

News of Radamal Falcao’s exclusion in Colombia’s final roster was a huge blow to the country’s World Cup campaign. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the country will also fail to feature in the said sporting event.


Next to its manager, Jose Pekerman, Falcao is probably the next most important figure within the Los Cafeteros squad. Known as El Tigre, he is a cold-blooded poacher, who can deliver precious goals and will make even the toughest defender bleed inside the pitch.


Not long ago, the talismanic striker joined the team in their training session. This sparked an ounce of hope not only among his supporters, but to the whole Colombian population, which shares a collective dream of making a strong finish. Unfortunately, the training appearance and most importantly, the jubilation linked to it, are nothing but temporary. Pekerman’s most recent announcement dampened the nation’s excitement. Their attacking department is one of their strongest areas and losing someone as valuable as Falcao was indeed, heartbreaking.


Yet, amidst these worries—amidst questions on filling the void that he left, Colombia is blessed to have the likes of Jackson Martinez within the group.


Martinez is a gem whose importance may have been partially eclipsed by the focus given to Falcao. But whoever said that Martinez cannot deliver has not followed the striker’s successful stint at Portugal. Sporting a Porto jersey, he is currently the top scorer of Portugal’s top-flight league and his efforts did not go into waste. Arsenal has been keeping tabs on him and would be more than willing to spend just to secure his signature.


Definitely, Falcao’s lost is crucial to Colombia. Indeed, their attacking department may not be as strong as it was when Falcao is present. Yet, with Martinez around, Colombia can look forward to an impressive performance—a performance that earned them the right to be regarded as the heavy favorite of World Cup betting tips and predictions.


Image Source: Proven Equality

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