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The Honduran World Cup Dilemma

The Honduran World Cup Dilemma

The party-like atmosphere felt across Honduras slowly transforms into a pressure-driven event. Members of the Los Catrachos are compelled to bear the brunt of lifting one of the most coveted trophies in footballing history.


Their current dilemma is really nothing extraordinary. Every participating squad endures such transition—the phase in which footballing heroes are treated like hideous villains after a disappointing performance –the phase wherein regrets and blame replace the celebratory atmosphere. Even champions go through it. Yet, for Honduras, which has so much to prove—for the squad, which is the least favorite of World Cup bettingtips, the challenge can be too overwhelming.


Recently, Luis Fernando Suarez took the limelight when Jonathan “Jona” Mejia was excluded in the Honduran contingent.


Mejia is a head turner. His 35 appearances in Jaen earned him 15 points. And for every goal that he scores, he also earns the respect and admiration of many supporters. Mejia embodies the making of a soon to be icon of Honduran football—the standard—the doyen of how this beautiful game should be played. But he was left out of the squad.


And while this may have sound like a typical decision that Suarez has to make, it was not immediately embraced and accepted. For a country, which has long considered football as their next religion, every decision made is akin to judgment day.


The above-mentioned scenario therefore increases the pressure that the current Honduran lineup must confront. This is most especially true to those whose primary role is to score a goal. Yet, other than the strikers, it is Suarez who will have to bear it all.


Indeed, this might be the downside of qualifying into the prestigious sporting event. It is a bit ironic on the pressure involved in it eclipses the honor that these players worked so hard for during the qualifiers. But then again, if football is described as a way of life, then perhaps the reactions can be forgivable and lovingly understood.



Image Source: Telegraph

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