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Gökhan Inler: Switzerland’s Cinderella Man

Gökhan Inler:  Switzerland’s Cinderella Man

Although his parents are of Turkish origin, this did not stop Gökhan Inler from representing Switzerland. It is in Switzerland where his footballing career started. And when the captain’s armband was handed over to him, he knew the huge responsibilities that go along every World Cup match that they will participate.


Inler is known for his strong passing skills. Likewise, he is an undeniable maestro of long shots that greatly surprises a resilient and determined goalkeeper. But his success on the pitch did not come easy. Like many of the renowned great footballers, his was a Cinderella story.


First spotted at FC Basel, he was soon loaned to FC Schaffhausen. He had a short stint at Fenerbahçe, but was later on transferred due to his (lackluster performance). However, such disappointing scenarios did not stop him from continuing to do his best. He moved to FC Aarau and later on, saw himself playing for FC Zurich. During his stay at Zurich, he helped the club win a Swiss Championship during the 2005-06 and 2006-07 seasons.


Inler’s stay in Zurich proved to be instrumental in his unprecedented rise. Seeing his full potential, he was asked to join the Italia outfit, Udinese, where his popularity increased to astronomic heights. He delivered crucial goals and assists that reached the eager management of Napoli. Thus, in 2011, he joined the Partenopei and has been a part of its unprecedented success.


Indeed, Inler’s story is one of the most inspiring. He continues to draw attention from enthusiastic managers and players—so much so that in 2010 World Cup, he was asked to lead the Swedish side. However, he was not very contented with leading. Just like what he did before, he delivered important goals such as the winning goal against the 2010 World Cup champion, Spain.


What Inler has to go through molded him into a football great that he is. Switzerland has not won a major silverware in the World Cup before. But with him guiding the team, the possibility of a better and stronger finish is inevitable.




Image Source: Zimbio

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