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Gerrard Vexed With Honduras Tackling

Gerrard Vexed With Honduras Tackling

England’s team captain, Steven Gerrard was enraged over Honduras’ physicality in their pre-world cup friendly in Miami.


A furious and totally upset Gerrard described Honduras’ tackling as stupid and horrific due to the unnecessary fouls committed by their opponents. Likewise, he criticized the referees for handling the match poorly.


According to the squad’s leader, the tackles employed were simply too much for a friendly and that they are lucky for escaping a potential injury. Even their head honcho, Roy Hodgson supported Gerrard’s argument over what transpired during the friendly.


Adding more fuel to the fire was the result of the said encounter. The match ended in a scoreless stalemate. It was England’s second consecutive draw after incurring the same result with their clash against Ecuador.


Incurring an injury during friendlies is one of the scenarios that any world cup participant wants to avoid. Its occurrence translates to an overhaul of strategies and tons of adjustments. So far, several friendly matches have taken the limelight due to the unfortunate injuries that prevented some football superstars from continuing their World Cup journey.


Riccardo Montolivo, Italy’s team captain broke his leg during a friendly against Ireland. On the other hand Germany’s Marco Reus experienced a partially torn ligament during the clash against Armenia. Lastly, Mexico and Ecuador both lost their key players in a hard tackle. Mexico’s Luis Montes broke his leg whilst Ecuador’s Segundo Castillo incurred a torn ligament.


Fortunately, the Three Lions are spared from the horrors of such events and will play their world cup matches in one piece.


Image Source: The Times

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