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France’s Paul Pogba earns plaudits from Deschamps, supporters

France’s Paul Pogba earns plaudits from Deschamps, supporters

Scoring the crucial opener in the brawl between France and Nigeria at the 2014 FIFA World Cup’s Round of 16, Paul Pogba has earned numerous praises for a job very well done. Team manager Didier Deschamps was the first to express his appreciation, even comparing the 21-year old midfielder to the legendary Patrick Vieira. His athleticism and graceful midfield runs were astonishing, perhaps the main reasons why he was declared the Man of Match by FIFA sponsor Budweiser.


Although Pogba has some detractors, he is undoubtedly one of the best young players in the current World Cup. “He’s young and criticism is part of the life of a top-level footballer,” said Deschamps in a press interview. “It can be hard, unjust, but it will toughen him up. He proved he has great, great potential by being a bit more straightforward in his play.”


Another key star in the midfield, Yohan Cabaye, also noted Pogba’s similarity in skills to their Senegalese-born football talisman. “Fortunately for us he is like Vieira. He keeps his confidence even though he has been getting a lot of criticism but he stays relaxed. He knows the team is with him. He showed what he can do on the pitch and it is the best way to give a response to those who criticize him.”


While he appreciates the opinions, Vieira himself is humbled to refuse any comparison to the Juventus player. He thinks Pogba is more technically skilled than he ever was. “People say he’s like me – I guess we have similar power in possession and he’s strong, quite tall, an elegant player. But in his head he’s more attacking. I would win more balls but he’s more technical. He’ll become one of the best in the world.”


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