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Fractured Leg Ends Luis Montes’ World Cup Dream

Fractured Leg Ends Luis Montes’ World Cup Dream

A fractured leg ended Luis Montes’ dream of helping El Tri feature in Brazil. The midfielder suffered a broken tibia and fibula during a friendly against Ecuador. Mexico eventually won the said match.


After putting Mexico ahead with a stunning goal on the 33rd, Montes fell in agony as he collided with Ecuador’s Segundo Castillo. The hard tackle broke Montes leg, much to the dismay of his supporters. The medical staff who attended his needs had to “cut off his sock” to stabilize him.


According to the squad’s manager, Miguel Herrera, the incident was a major blow to the team. He said that some of the players even cried upon witnessing the horrific scenario.


However, despite the emotional toll caused by the freak incident, Herrera explained that they need to “move forward” after what transpired. Likewise, he elucidated that he will be having a “good talk” to the players.


To further show their support for their injured teammates, the Mexican squad visited Montes in the hospital and hoped for his speedy recovery.


Meanwhile, Javier Aquino was already summoned to replace Montes.


Other than Montes, El Tri’s captain, Rafael Marq  uez was also taken to the hospital for evaluation. Marquez was suspected of a right foot injury. Reports, however, confirmed that the alleged injury is no more than a simple bruise. Likewise, Herrera stressed that it was just part of the club’s precautionary measures.


As for Ecuador, Castillo will also miss the World Cup after incurring a torn ACL.


Mexico’s lackluster performance during the qualifiers made them the least favorite of world cup betting tips. Nevertheless, they are valued to win at a profitable 8.50 at 12BET.


Image Source: Dallas News

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