FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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In focus: FIFA World Cup Qualifiers (UEFA Group G)

In focus: FIFA World Cup Qualifiers (UEFA Group G)

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Netting 25 innings, conceding only five goals, and earning a total of 19 points, Bosnia and Herzegovina are the undisputed leaders of the UEFA group G in the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifications. Despite the defeat they incurred from Slovakia, the team maintain a strong form, capped by six wins and one draw. A berth in the Brazil tournament next year is now at arm’s length and if their impressive performance continues ‘til the qualifying rounds’ conclusion, Bosnia and Herzegovina would make their very first appearance in the World Cup.



Tied with Bosnia and Herzegovina for earning a total score of 19 points, Greece are the UEFA group’s strongest contenders to qualify for the playoffs. Although topping the table is not impossible, the side’s +5 goal difference is too far from the table leaders’ +20. Nevertheless, securing a ticket in the World Cup next year stays plausible. That might just give the Greek players their third entry in the completion. Their first appearance was in 1994, where they only reached the group stage. In 2010, the team also did not get past the first round.


Slovakia and Lithuania

Slovakia and Lithuania are currently ranked in the group table’s third and fourth spots, respectively. Thus far, the former are four points ahead of the latter, having earned three wins, three draws, and two losses. Lithuania’s eight-point score, meanwhile, were obtained via winning two matches, drawing in another two, and being defeated in four.


Indeed, these sides are resilient football warriors, if their domestic and continental records are to be considered. However, they have yet to prove their fierceness in the World Cup, and with their form in the qualifications not telling really striking stories, the odds to attend the said world event is not substantial.


Latvia and Liechtenstein

Occupying the group table’s bottom two are Latvia and Liechtenstein. Both sides have negative-digit goal difference, which means that the number of goals they conceded is much higher than the number of goals they scored. The climb to the table’s top is largely improbable; hence, to be seeded in the finals next year would require a miracle. In addition, none of these teams have already attended any World Cup.


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