FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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In focus: FIFA World Cup Qualifiers (UEFA Group D)

In focus: FIFA World Cup Qualifiers (UEFA Group D)

Netherlands and Hungary

The Netherlands are currently leading their group, having scored a total of 22 points from eight matches. They have remained undefeated throughout the competition with just one draw making a slight buckle in their seven-win streak. The Dutch players are in a comfortable position to advance in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, especially that the team right behind them are eight points short of their score.


Hungary trail the Netherlands in their group, obtaining a total score of 14 points from eight matches. The side have won four times, drawn in two, and defeated twice. They are currently in tight competition with their other group-mates other than the Netherlands as the Hungarians are narrowly ahead (in terms of points) of their two other opponents.


Turkey and Romania

Both Turkey and Romania have so far scored 13 points from eight matches in the UEFA qualifications. Ironically, their match results are also identical, with four wins, one draw, and three losses. This means that the sides are really going neck-and-neck to subdue one another and of course, those that belong to the table’s top 2 positions.


Turkey’s best World Cup finish was in the third place, which they achieved in the 2002 tournament. It was only the second time they appeared in the world’s top-level competition, 48 years after their participation in the 1954 Switzerland tournament. This time around, the Turkish players are aiming to confirm their third stint and are therefore bulking up really hard to topple their adversaries in the European qualifications.


In the 1994 World Cup, Romania finished as quarter-finalists. That served as their best placement in all of the seven appearances they had in the football’s most important tournament. This year, the side are aiming for an even bigger finish; but the challenges are immense and getting past the qualification rounds is already a tall order. With equally strong warriors seeded in their current group, qualifying for the Brazil tournament next year will prove to be tremendously tough.


Estonia and Andorra

Estonia’s current standing in their group is not telling any positive hope. They may have won twice but they have also lost five times and drawn once. A total score of seven points is too far from the current leaders’ 22. Regardless, born fighter they are, Estonia are not losing any chance of at least, qualifying in the playoffs. But all these might just be stuck in ‘hope,’ as the side are faced with a monumental challenge of toppling their ‘big’ opponents. Their zero attendance in any World Cup is yet another indicator that the squad still lack some faculties to truly brand them as football giants.


If Estonia have a slim chance of qualifying in the World Cup, then Andorra are having no chance at all. The UEFA qualification group rounds have been cruel to the Andorrans, as the players have never been able to win in any of the matches—not even once. Currently pinned with zero points, the troupe need a miracle to advance even just in the playoffs.


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