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FIFA World Cup update: Uruguay’s Luis Suarez might not participate in curtain raiser

FIFA World Cup update: Uruguay’s Luis Suarez might not participate in curtain raiser

With his fitness yet to be fully recovered, Uruguayan star player Luis Suarez might not be able to play in his side’s debut battle for the Group stage against England on June 19. The 27-year old striker suffered a knee injury and went under surgery on May 22, giving him only a small amount of time to recover in time for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The operation was performed by Luis Francescoli—the brother of ex-Uruguay player Enzo Francescoli, the Liverpool striker’s idol.


Suarez is part of Liverpool, an English club whose (some) members will be part of England’s ensemble for the World Cup. He is supportive both of his own national team and their English rivals. He also added that even if he doesn’t play on June 19, he will bring enough shirts so that he can exchange them with his Liverpool team-mates.


Despite the injury, Suarez is confident that he would be able to play with Uruguay in one of the World Cup fixtures; maybe not in the curtain raiser, but definitely in the subsequent battles.


“Emotionally, I’ve felt fine; psychologically, I’ve been spectacular. At no time did I feel pressured, at no time have I felt sad because at no point did I think there was a chance of me missing the World Cup,” he says.


“The thought never went through my mind. I could have really cried [in pain] because of this injury but I didn’t because I knew. I knew. When the doctor first spoke to me three little tears fell but no more. My wife said: ‘I can’t believe how strong you’re being’ but I knew I’d make it.”


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