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FIFA World Cup update: Roy Hodgson confident of England’s form against Italy

FIFA World Cup update: Roy Hodgson confident of England’s form against Italy

Two years ago, England had a disastrous run in the Euro 2012 after they were beaten by Italy courtesy of Andrea Pirlo. Fast-forward to 2014 and the side’s dilemma remains: the midfield star Pirlo. Adding to that problem is Manaus’ sweltering heat which could potentially put the Englishmen in an uncertain position when they meet with Italy for their first 2014 FIFA World Cup fixture in the said Brazilian city. England manager Roy Hodgson, however, has stated that his men have already found feasible coping mechanism to counter the strength of Pirlo and Manaus.


“How are we going to stop Pirlo? What we’re going to do first of all is we’re going to play better against Italy this time than we did in Euro 2012,” said Hodgson. “Of course, against a tiring team and a team that was playing with Pirlo, he had a very, very good game because he’s a very, very good player.”


The Three Lions now have so much energy than the past years and they plan to execute a great deal of attacking. Hodgson will make sure that Italy find themselves wondering “what they’re going to do about people like Steven Gerrard or Wayne Rooney.”


England midfielder Jack Wilshere nodded with Hodgson’s insight into England’s return to shape and accumulation of substantial ‘energy’ compared to the past years. He believes that the team can now easily acclimatize with the heat and humidity they will face in Manaus. He revealed that England will be using using industrial fans to blow water over the players to keep them well-conditioned, fresh, and comfortable.


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