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FIFA World Cup update: Political turmoil is shuttering Iran’s World Cup dream

FIFA World Cup update: Political turmoil is shuttering Iran’s World Cup dream

In Iran, football dominates household discussions over politics. However, this comparison forms a vivid irony of the country’s seemingly impaired preparation for the World Cup. That is, many political issues  hinder funding and other forms of support for the highly celebrated sport. The national team suffer from a poor management and grievances by both players and fans against the government have been more boisterous than the loud cheers in the often-soldout Azadi stadium in Tehran.


The restrictive Islamic laws have shunned Iranians from doing many mainstream activities, except for sports which inevitably bacame the only outlet for the people’s athletic expression. They love football to the core of their heart and it is the source of vast national pride. The national team are currently ranked by FIFA as the best Asia and 34th in the world. The squad, however, is highly reliant on the financial support of the government. Sadly, the country’s revenues have been cut in half by international sanctions over the past two years, which will prove lethal to the health of the team’s global performances.


Iran qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals by beating long-time rivals South Korea, causing massive celebrations among the citizens. However, several months since that success, Team Melli have played only four mandatory qualifying matches for the 2015 Asian Cup—most of them were not even considered ‘real challenges’ that could serve as feasible substitutes of the kind of brawls they will experience in the World Cup.


“None of the promises [by the government] turned into realities,” declared Javad Nekounam, Iran’s captain.


“If we did not have good preparation games until the games start, there shouldn’t be any expectations. Whatever happens, the authorities must be held responsible for the results.”


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Featured Image: Iran | Source: FIFA

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