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FIFA World Cup update: No-beef-no-sex policy for Mexico players

FIFA World Cup update: No-beef-no-sex policy for Mexico players

It seems like Miguel Herrera is really making an aggressive mentoring approach toward his men after he laid down some ‘extra rules’ that the El Tri players must abide with—even if it means cutting a portion of their physiological needs. Herrara bans his players from both eating meat and engaging in sex.


The bans were n0t necessarily put up to deprive the Mexico squad of the aforesaid needs. The manager is merely protecting his men from encountering physical problems that would largely affect their performance in the pitch—such as lessened stamina or testing positive to certain substances.


Beef is not allowed on the players’ daily meal to prevent clenbuterol—a performance-enhancing drug—from entering their bloodstream. The drug is present in red meat muscle tissues and if eaten, the consumer might test positive to doping. This was after five Mexican players in the 2011 Golf Cup were accused of doping following an alleged clenbuterol use. The accusation was eventually lifted by the Mexican Football Federation after it was proven that it was accidental and that the substance actually came from the red meat they ate. Herrara established a total beef ban to make sure that the same incident will never happen again, especially at the World Cup.


Sex was another thing that the manager has strictly told his men of not doing. Needless to say, such an activity drains so much energy from the body, which in effect, could cause some trouble in the players’ physical endurance in the pitch. He points out that abstinence for just 40 days, which is the estimated duration of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, will not kill them. Looking at bikinis would just be fine, for as long the players will not touch those who wear them. Several other managers have expressed similar opinions on the same issue.


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