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FIFA World Cup update: Miners inspire Chile’s World Cup team

FIFA World Cup update: Miners inspire Chile’s World Cup team

They may have been seeded in a ‘Group of Death’ in the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals but Chile do not fear fatal encounters against equally monstrous opponents Netherlands, Australia, and defending winners Spain. Former finalists themselves, La Roja have just received an even greater motivation to finish their job with flying colors with a morale-boosting support from the 33 Chilean miners and compatriots who were trapped for more than two months in an Atacama mine four years ago.


In a commercial, the miners lent their voices to a campaign meant to bolster the winning power of the national team in the World Cup. Sponsored by the Bank of Chile, the video clip show the miners collecting sand from the desert into metal jars, which they plan to send to the Chilean football squad so they can pour it onto the pitch before every match. It would symbolize the hardship that the heroic earth workers have had to endure before they were ultimately saved from a sure loss of life. Like them, Chile will have an uphill battle against their rivals but they should not lose hope as there is always a divine opportunity to beat the odds.


“We were trapped in this place for 70 days. The earth had swallowed us, and it was here that we had to find out what we were made of,” recalled Mario Sepúlveda, one of the trapped miners featured in the ad. “We knew that outside there were millions of Chileans who believed in us—and this earth witnessed it all.”


Sepúlveda believes that nothing is impossible for his country’s World Cup warriors. The team will subdue even death itself. “The Group of Death doesn’t scare us. We don’t care about death—we’ve already beaten it.”


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