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FIFA World Cup update: Ivory Coast will advance, says Mourinho

FIFA World Cup update: Ivory Coast will advance, says Mourinho

Global football ambassador and Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho believes that Ivory Coast—along with Nigeria—would be able to advance from the Group stage. The reason is mainly personal (Les Éléphants’ Didier Drogba is a former Chelsea striker) but he also noted the side’s very strong potential as a powerhouse.


“I’m very emotional, I go always with my friends,” Mourinho said in reference to his support for Ivory Coast, who will brawl neck-and-neck against Greece, Japan, and Colombia in Group C.


In addition to Drogba, the team also have Yaya Toure, Kolo Toure, and Didier Zakora onboard. All these players are huge names at the club level, particularly in the English Premier League. They were key players to their respective clubs’ successes in the domestic or regional tournaments and played crucial role in reinvigorating Ivory Coast’s hope for a World Cup success.


Ivory Coast are said to be having a golden generation of football players. In domestic leagues and UEFA-sponsored competitions, they perform really well. They were champions at one point and served their pitch roles with utter accuracy. However, such a hifalutin profile frustratingly fails to translate into their global efforts. They are consistently being overshadowed by players from other nations. Nevertheless, they can always reap what they deserve and display maneuvers that can turn the tides.


Many Ivoirians believe that the 2014 FIFA World Cup is the country’s last realistic chance to make their mark on the international scene. It is going to be very tough, considering that for the most part of the last decade, the players had to shoulder a high-volume burden related to national unrest and civil wars that plagued the African nation.


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