FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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FIFA World Cup Update: Group E

FIFA World Cup Update: Group E

Griezmann ready to bring France atop of the lines

With Franck Ribery, last year’s Ballon d’Or finalist, out of the French squad, 23-year-old Antoine Griezmann will be one of the side’s best bullets to win the tournament. The Real Sociedad player has shown tremendous improvements from the last few years and he taking Ribery’s seat should not be a problem.


Griezmann is a focused attacking winger who can also lend his skills as a center-forward. France have Karim Benzema and Olivier Giroud fit for the role but  Griezmann’s ability to cut inside from the left flank is likely to make opposition defenses’ jobs quite more difficult.


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Mendez and Ecuador’s feasible claim to fame

Edison Mendez may be known for his rags to riches story but his name as one of Ecuador’s best players will forever be revered in the most royal way possible. Her will be playing his last World Cup and promises to not let his country down.


The 35-year-old midfielder was at one time the youngest player in the national squad. In 2002, their inaugural entry to the World Cup, he was responsible for Ecuador’s winning goal against Croatia 1-0, which was their only win in the Group stage. He was only his early 20s during that victory. To date, Mendez has been capped 111 times. He believes his men will make it far in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


The infinite supply of energy in Switzerland’s squad

Switzerland have two world-class players: attacking midfielder Xherdan Shaqiri and full-back Stephan Lichsteiner. The former is one huge packet of muscle and energy, able to think and move at light-speed. The latter, meanwhile, has seemingly endless reserves of stamina. Tiredness for him is almost a myth, and he rarely makes poor decisions amid his frighteningly powerful physique.


In these men, Switzerland are assured of a healthy form. They need, however, to fully maximize their players’ potential and be more cautious of the possible upsets they might need to endure in the Group stage.


Chávez, Honduras, and the Garifuna culture

A member of the Garifuna ethnic group, Chávez is proud that he will be bringing the name of his local culture to the rest of the world. Along with Palacios brothers, Wilson and Jerry, and striker Óscar Boniek García, he believes Honduras has a real shot at earning good stunts in the FIFA tournament against their group-mates. Chávez has been able to showcase his Garifuna identity in Kingston, Jamaica, last November, when Honduras confirmed their qualification for Brazil 2014 with a 2-2 draw.

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