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FIFA World Cup Update: Group C

FIFA World Cup Update: Group C

Falcao axed from the Colombian squad

Perhaps the most unwelcoming of all the upsets that Colombia have been trying to shun away from, Radamel Falcao’s absence in the 2014 FIFA World Cup due to injury will put a major blow to the side’s World Cup aspiration. Los Cafetoros waited for more than a decade and a half to reclaim dominance at the World Cup but it does seem that their re-entry to the tournament was in a wrong timing following a series of player removals from the slate.


Since the latter parts of January, Falcao has been missing almost all of his matches, including those in the French Ligue 1 for AS Monaco. A horrendous tackle from the side bent his knee and damaged his ACL. Treatments were immediately carried out and the star player seemed to be recovering rather fast. Reports first surfaced that he may not be able to go to Brazil due to the injury’s severity but it soon faded after positive results of his condition started flooding the news pages. The recovery time, however, has not been enough and Falcao failed to make on time for FIFA’s top-tier global competition.


Although he missed most of his fixtures, Falcao joined up with Colombia for training camp, where he admitted that even if he made the team he wouldn’t be 100 percent for the tournament. Still, Jose Pekerman wanted him for the Colombian squad only to withdraw his decision after the player has not been able to fully regain his fitness.


With Falcao out, Teofilo Gutierrez will carry the bulk of the load for Colombia. Jackson Martinez, Adrian Ramos, and Carlos Bacca will also join the force. James Rodriguez and Juan Cuadrado will provide strength in the midfield. They are going to have their first brawl against Greece on June 14 for Group C.


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