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FIFA World Cup Update: Group A

FIFA World Cup Update: Group A

Brazil tower above Croatia 3-1

Despite issues against a seemingly biased refereeing, the debut match for the 2014 FIFA World Cup turned out to be a [slight] crowd pleaser. The most pleased would be the Brazilians as their very own national team, the hosts, soared high in the Amazon atmosphere with a blazing 3-1 victory against European rivals and fellow Group A players Croatia.


The success would tone down any political issues that shrouded the tournament for months (or years) and could potentially detour people’s attention toward being more focused of winning the title instead of winning a riot.


The scoring opened with an own goal by Marcelo which eerily silenced the audience in the 19th minute. Neymar, however, was quick to flatten the scoring and smashed an equalizer in the 29th minute. A penalty in the second half, which was converted by Neymar for his second goal of the match, provided Selecao the lead. Oscar rounded up the tally with a controversial free kick in extra time, putting the final score to 3-1 in favor of the hosts.


While the Brazilian fans cheered boisterously for their compatriots, they might rethink of their victory to be less spectacular than it should have been. The penalty given against Croatia produced a fuming Niko Kovac. The coach insisted that the refereeing was “ridiculous.” Replays of the match showed Brazil forward Fred falling theatrically after an almost non-existent contact from a Croatian defender. If not for the decisive goal, the fixture could have ended with the sides sharing the spoils.


The pressure has been so high for the South American team and the win in the curtain raiser eased the worries that they may have been shouldering since the pre-finals.


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