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FIFA World Cup update: Germany’s goalkeeping assignment still uncertain

FIFA World Cup update: Germany’s goalkeeping assignment still uncertain

With goalkeeper Manuel Neuer still recuperating from a shoulder injury, Germany’s goalkeeping post is hanged to an uncertain direction. However, if the footballer fails to make it to the World Cup, at least Roman Weidenfeller is available as an excellent back-up. The Diez native believes the first-choice goalie would still be able to head to Brazil but said that if things do not go as intended, he is very much willing to take Nationalmannschaft’s Number 1 in Neuer’s stead.


It is still uncertain when or if the Bayern Munich custodian will be able to start training. Weidenfeller, who only joined the team last November (and thus far, only appeared once), is now on course for promotion to a position he otherwise thought improbable a year ago.


“I’m pretty certain Manuel will be back in time, but if anything were to happen, then I would be ready,” said the Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper. “It’s sensational for me to be involved. I think it rounds off my career perfectly, particularly to go to a football-crazy country like Brazil.”


Although honored to be picked for the esteemed position—which could be the defining moment of his entire career—Weidenfeller feels barely enthusiastic of the circumstance that currently defines his rival’s condition. He himself suffered shoulder injury in the past and he completely understands how uncomfortable it is to have an impairment that affects the most important part of the torso when it comes to goalkeeping. Weidenfeller sincerely hopes that Neuer will recover in time for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


“I had a shoulder injury of my own in the past so we had a bit of a chat about it,” Weidenfeller recalled. “As a goalkeeper, you need your shoulder in every single movement you make, which is why it’s such a bad situation to have that kind of an injury.”


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