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FIFA World Cup update: Form issues plague South Korea

FIFA World Cup update: Form issues plague South Korea

With the difficulties they encountered during the qualifications, as well as the injury that struck a few players in the past couple of weeks, South Korea might struggle to garner supporters in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Hong Myung-Bo’s arrival (or return) to the squad as team top brass might offer some hope for the Taegeuk Warriors, but even him will have a tough job at turning the not-so-good form around.


South Korea did not have a smooth run in Group A for the AFC segment of the World Cup qualifications, finishing with a 4-2-2 record translated to 14 points. They, nevertheless, managed to rank second—behind Asian leaders Iran.


Hong’s men failed to earn substantial points from Iran, losing on both legs with the same 1-0 finish. Lebanon also stole the glory from the Koreans in one of their two legs, but dropped points to the other. They were, however, very successful against Qatar. The campaign was laborious but their perseverance earned them a prized place in the finals.


Hong, Korea’s most capped player, was in charge of the national team during the 2002 World Cup. That year was historic for South Korea as they landed in the fourth highest spot by the end of the tournament. That was the first time that they reached the top four and Hong would be the country’s best key to repeat or even exceed such a feat.


Taegeuk Warriors are among the youngest players in the upcoming World Cup but some of the men are ‘experienced’ enough to fight neck and neck against their more veteran opponents. The side’s wingers are outstanding while the fullbacks are reasonably reliable. Injuries might have escalated recently, which means that they might capitalize more on the defense rather than on the attack.


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