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FIFA World Cup update: ‘Disproportionate’ player incentives anger Spanish lawmakers

FIFA World Cup update: ‘Disproportionate’ player incentives anger Spanish lawmakers

Spain’s economy has been on the rocks since the onset of recent global economic recession and when lawmakers heard that Spanish players will each receive $980,000 in bonuses if they win the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the politicians fumed in anger.


Pablo Martin Pere and Susana Ros of the opposition Socialist party criticized the premium as “’disproportionate” and “an insult to citizens” considering the plummet in the health of the national economy. The incentives are more than double the reported premiums that the German players will obtain in the event that they triumph over the finals. Yet, Germany’s per capita income based on purchasing power parity (for the year 2013) is at least $10,000 higher than that of Spain.


Since 2008, Spain has been struggling to make both ends meet following a steep decline in real estate performance and a voluminous surge in underemployment of up to 26.1 by the conclusion of 2013. Like Ireland, Portugal, or Greece–countries that have the euro as their currency– Spain suffered as the government imposed severe austerity measures to regain stability in public finances.


Spain attacking midfielder Juan Mata thinks that such kind of bonuses are sometimes used against them but he promised to play “with the same enthusiasm [he] had as a child, in a bid to try and win another World Cup, without thinking about all the rest.”


According to reports, each Spanish squad member will receive a payment of around $490,000 if they do win but are able to reach the final. They will earn approximately $240,000 apiece if they make it to the semifinals.


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