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FIFA World Cup update: Cameroon still not set for high-level football

FIFA World Cup update: Cameroon still not set for high-level football

Cameroon does not necessarily lack a good slate of brilliant players, but the scarcity of substantial government support and the rampancy of political perils in the country are hindering the growth and efficiency of the national players. In fact, even top seed Samuel Eto’o is an eye witness of how the current football system of his country has taken a major toll on the overall health of the national team. He quit in 2012 for an alleged “amateurism and bad management” within the system. But he has the burning passion to re-establish high-quality Cameroonian football for the global stage in spite of the political issues surrounding his team; he is back to the squad as a provisional player and as one of the Indomitable Lions.


The current Cameroonian side are far from what they were more two decades ago, when they had been Africa’s most celebrated side and the favorites to topple big squads from other continents. Today, regional rivals like Ghana and Ivory Coast could easily outlast the former superpowers. Volker Finke’s men are in a footballing environment that suffers from an almost never-ending crisis. Finke himself is under scrutiny, with the likes of Roger Milla criticizing the hiring of a foreign coach to lead Cameroon. Corruption is another major issue; the side almost lost their spot in the 2014 FIFA World Cup after electing an alleged financial crook to head its national football association.


In Cameroon, bribes are ubiquitous. The domestic leagues have been accused of feeding referees with baits to influence the results of certain matches. Some players were also reportedly deprived of their own wages, facilitating protests that could have destroyed the team’s acumen even further.


The Indomitable Lions are heading to Brazil with a difficult task ahead of them. While they may have excellent records in the past as well as a genuinely talented set of players in the present, success in South America looks a step too far.


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Featured Image: Cameroon | Source: Zimbio

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