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FIFA World Cup update: The Brazilians’ conflicting emotions towards the World Cup

FIFA World Cup update: The Brazilians’ conflicting emotions towards the World Cup

It is no secret that the Brazilian government has been plagued by a number of protests targeted to the country’s overspending for the World Cup at the expense of the poorest stratum in the society. However, it cannot also be denied how Brazilians love football and with the FIFA tournament now only a few days away, Seleção’s supporters are having mixed emotions.


Flavio Vilela, one of the most active protesters against the issues surrounding the 2014 FIFA World Cup, has stated that despite all the dilemmas he encountered on the period leading to the event, he still wants to watch his compatriots fight in the pitch against the world’s best football players. He loves the sport and he was a strong advocate for the Brazilian players in the last edition of the tournament. He still objects the government’s impractical spending on stadiums but he will remain a Seleção die-hard fan.


Amongst other Brazilians, emotions are strikingly mixed. In fact, a recent survey by O Globo revealed that 55 percent of people in Rio said they were either against or indifferent to the World Cup. The streets are less colorful (with green and yellow) compared to four years ago. Many citizens cheer boisterously for the national team but they also realize that not all people have the financial capacity to obtain ticket to watch the matches live in the stadiums.


However, many people assume that support to the World Cup will put any socio-political turmoil at bay. Brazil President Dilma Rousseff even thought that support for the national team transcends politics. She recalled the time when she was jailed by the military dictatorship. Amid that situation, she was cheering for Brazil during the 1970 World Cup.


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