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FIFA World Cup update: Are Bosnia & Herzegovina conceding early?

FIFA World Cup update: Are Bosnia & Herzegovina conceding early?

Rather than exhaust all their energies at trying to subdue their group competitors, Bosnia-Herzegovina consider advancing through the Brazil finals already a victorious moment. They will play hard in the pitch but they also know that they are putting up a fight against some of the world’s fiercest footballers. The debutants are ready for whatever fate awaits them in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


The country’s past has been littered by a series wars and riots which ultimately gave them the sovereignty from the former Republic of Yugoslavia. The transition towards independence was not easy but it successfully sent the country to a much better political status. Today, the citizens enjoy high standard of living, stable economy, outstanding literacy, and excellent healthcare services. However, in football they are having a relatively serious problem: the ethnic divisions in the nation seem to reflect in the national squad. Almost all of the players are Bosniaks; Serbs and Croats tend to play for Serbia and Croatia, respectively. Hence, the country’s full support for the team remains a vague question.


Regardless of the internal conflicts, Zmajevi proved that they can showcase high-quality football. Being the only debutants in FIFA’s top-tier tournament, they are among the dynamic teams that spectators would love to follow. In their past four friendlies, results were halved between successes and defeats. Argentina and Egypt thrashed them on clean sheets but Ivory Coast and Mexico both succumbed to the Safet Sušić side’s powerful assaults.


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Featured Image: Bosnia and Herzegovina | Source: FIFA

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