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FIFA World Cup update: Australia might host 2022 World Cup in Qatar’s stead

FIFA World Cup update: Australia might host 2022 World Cup in Qatar’s stead

Allegations of bribery against Qatar and FIFA is putting the 2012 World Cup on the rocks. Former Asian Football Confederation president Mohamed Bin Hammam is being accused of paying some FIFA officials an amount totalling to $5 million in return for support of Qatar’s World Cup bid. Pieces of evidence obtained by UK’s Sunday Times suggest that Hammam used a secret slush fund to make the payments. If proven true, Australia—who just received one vote from the first few rounds of voting—might take over the hosting duty.


The Football Federation Australia is considering a major re-launching of their bid for the 2022 event, this is in spite of strong criticisms they incurred following a controversial $43M-spending on a failed effort in 2010.


The new allegation is putting FIFA under a heavier pressure to re-run the voting for the 2022 World Cup. Vice-president Jim Boyce agrees that investigations and in-depth study of the matter at hand should be carried out to prove or disprove what is being maliciously accused against Qatar and the world’s largest football organization.


The bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups falls under American lawyer Michael Garcia’s supervision, and Boyce stated that he would not rule out a new vote if Garcia’s report substantiates the Sunday Times’ claims.


“I have absolutely no doubt that if there’s concrete evidence supplied by Mr. Garcia to FIFA and the executive committee, it has got to be taken very, very seriously,” remarked Boyce.


“I hope the right decision would be made at that time. I think [a new vote] would have to be a possibility. A full investigation is being carried out by Michael Garcia… let’s wait for its developments.”


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Featured Image: Australia | Source: FIFA

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