FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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FIFA World Cup Opening Recap: Group A

FIFA World Cup Opening Recap: Group A

The 2014 FIFA World Cup curtain raiser from Group A received a mixture of plaudits and criticisms. While two teams emerged as winners backed by an incredible fan support, another two lost the points but obtained stronger determination to up their game.


At the conclusion of the first two fixtures (first leg), online betting favorites Brazil and Mexico emerged at the top half of the table while Cameroon and Croatia landed in the bottom. The curtain raisers may not necessarily reflect the final outcome for this group but at least they will serve as plausible benchmarks of how the next battles will probably turn out.


Selecao dominated against Croatia on a 3-1 scoring, which sparked controversies over an alleged favoritism by Japanese referee Yuichi Nishimura. An own goal by Marcelo provided Vatreni the early lead but Neymar salvaged the tally, as expected, with a brace between the 29th and 71st minutes. Oscar wrapped up the match with a goal on extra time. A penalty for a theatrical fall by Fred caused the Croatians to fume in anger as their player barely contacted the Brazilian. Nevertheless, it was a day of ample merriment for the South American crowd.


Cameroon, meanwhile, were so keen to capitalize on the defense. It worked for some instances but it was ultimately destroyed when Mexico started beefing up their attack. The Indomitable Lions produced some scares early in the competition and almost secured the opening lead in 20th minute. Unfortunately, all efforts failed to be converted. Peralta was the only one who netted a goal in the battle, thus producing a clean sheet for El Tri.


There is a very good chance that the current standing will remain until the end of the group stage, but both Cameroon and Ghana can still improve and might even produce surprises.


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(Featured Image: Brazil supporters | Source: FIFA)

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