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FIFA Online Betting Tips (Beach Soccer World Cup): Quarterfinals

FIFA Online Betting Tips (Beach Soccer World Cup): Quarterfinals

Match Preview: Russia vs. Iran


Entering into the quarterfinals, Russia proved to be a strong force to confront. Its overwhelming presence led to a scoring spree that disappointed many of its tournament rivals.
First off, it managed to secure its first win against Japan. The tides have turned when its late rally delivered winning scores from Yury Krasheninnikov and Anatoly Peremitin. Against Ivory Coast, the Russian outfit limited their African opponents to 2 goals, while they scored 5. Lastly, Paraguay fell into their hands after clinching a 4-3 victory.


Iran, which is Russia’s upcoming rival also delivered a satisfactory performance. They lost their mnatchday one to heavy favorites, Brazil, but made a comeback when they thrashed Senegal with 5 goals to 3 and lost a hard-fought battle against Ukraine.


The Verdict: Russia 3-1 Iran

Hard hitting stats position Russia to advance in the semifinals. Its deadly trio, Anatoliy Peremitin, Alexey Makarov and Dmitrii Shishin have all live up to expectations as they embark on a scoring spree.

Iran’s current form is a bit promising. But the bigger question is whether they have enough strength to keep Russia, the defending title holder, at bay.


Anatoly Peremitin (R) of Russia challeng


Image Source: TWC Central


Match Preview: Spain vs. El Salvador

From the pitch to the beach, Spain never fails to be a great threat to groups, which attempt to topple them.


Matchday one saw the team displayed a come from behind win against the equally aggressive, USA. Nico delivered the score, which gave Spain the winning edge. Determined to continue their winning streak, the Spaniards thrashed United Arab Emirates with a 2-5 score in their favor and ended Tahiti’s victorious moments with a narrow 2-4 triumph.


Meanwhile, El Salvador had a slow start in the tournament. Its Argentine opponents kept them at bay. They only scored once while Argentina feasted on 4 goals. Nevertheless, they ensured their entry when they snatched a 5-1 victory against Netherlands and outlasted Solomon Islands in a down the wire match that ended in a 6-7 win in their favor.


The Verdict: Spain 5-3 El Salvador


El Salvador’s previous encounters showed their scoring prowess. It is highly impossible for them not to score when they confront Spain. However, Spain’s Llorenc, Nico, Juanma and Antonio will definitely, refuse to wave the white flag. Considering the fact that they displayed an overwhelming sweep in their last 3 matches, makes them a more able semifinalist of the competition.





Image Source: Beach Soccer


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