FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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FIFA Group G Qualifier Results

FIFA Group G Qualifier Results

Bosnia and Herzegovina makes its first World Cup berth, while Greece has to settle for the play-offs.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Supporters of Bosnia and Herzegovina filled the streets with jubilation as their national football squad sealed their entry to Brazil.


After a neck-to-neck battle in the qualifiers and a thrilling match against Lithuania, the world shall now witness Bosnia and Herzegovina perform on the Maracana pitch. Their recent victory is flavored with a dose of history since the country will finally participate in the awaited event for the very first time.




With time almost running out, striker, Vedad Ibisevic, who also plays for VfB Stuttgart pulled off the lone goal of the match. The Lithuanian troops tried to make a late comeback. However, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s determination prevailed.



Greece was Bosnia and Herzegovina’s closest rival during the qualifying round. Initially tied with 19 points, the Greeks needed to sweep all its matches to get the automatic qualification. But winning alone does not complete their journey. This also meant that Bosnia and Herzegovina must lose one of its matches.


Unfortunately, the Bosnians were just too committed to let a great opportunity slip through its fingers. While it is true that both clubs have accumulated 25 points, Greece has to settle for the play-off spot due to the wide goal difference gap between them and Bosnia Herzegovina.


Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Liechtenstein

Evidently, the journey of these four squads has already ended. However, the qualifiers definitely enriched their experience, which will be very useful in the next World Cup bid.






Image Source: SF Gate

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