FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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FIFA 2014 World Cup Final: Germany Crowned As Football King

FIFA 2014 World Cup Final: Germany Crowned As Football King

Two (2) World Cup near misses earned Die Mannschaft the reputation of losing the type of football that made Germany famous across the world.


Ruthless, aggressive and clinical, Die Mannschaft’s devoted critics prophesized that the squad has already lost its tooth and insatiable hunger for football glory.


But all of the negative impression attached to the group was immediately erased in a short period of time. Within twenty-nine (29) minutes, Germany broke records that made the world, including its detractors, applaud a quintessential performance.



Germany’s decisive victory over Portugal created a huge buzz. Yet, their performances against Ghana and USA were grilled as they were below expectations. Doubts were cast over their chances of winning against their long-time rivals, France.


But as if some gospel-truth prophecy came true—that the squad that wins the match shall advance to the final round. And yes, Germany passed the acid test with flying colors.
After France, the squad is pitted against their biggest opponent, Brazil. The Selecaos have been an all-time favorite of the tournament. They have been impressive as well and they have an extra player—the 12th man of their matches—the ever supportive crowd.


The match against Brazil is comparable to that of David and Goliath. Germany, with the little support that it received from the spectators made a shocking turn. Die Mannschaft slapped Brazil with five (5) goals within the first 29 minutes and rubbed more salt when they added two (2) more during the second half. With seven (7) conceded goals, it was Brazil’s biggest defeat and it happened at home.


Adding insult to injury is Mirsolav Klose’s 16th goal, which erased Ronaldo’s (Brazil) record of being the top World Cup scorer. All of them happened in less than half an hour.


Team form

Shkodran Mustafi is Germany’s only injured player. But this  will not cause too much of a worry for the squad.


Die Mannschaft’s overall form and depth is beyond question. Klose is the only forward that Germany has. Yet, this did not prevent them from playing spectacular football. The team was able to display a prolific defence that kept the ball to their side. Likewise, Germany has been clinical. It ensured that no scoring opportunity is wasted.


The star man

The strength of the German squad does not rely on a single player. Its strong collective effort, excellent team play and unnerving sharing of individual talent and skills combined; make Germany a powerful and strong force.


The Achilles heel

Over confidence can be Germany’s weakness. Joachim Low’s advice should not be ignored: they must stay humble. Likewise, they should be wary of Argentina’s defence as this might force them to a penalty shootout and turn the odds into their favor.


Reason to celebrate

With the records that Germany broke during the semis, certainly, these are more than enough reason to celebrate. But of course, winning the World Cup will serve as the icing on the cake.



Image Source: Fan Sided


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