FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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FIFA 2014 World Cup Battle For Third Place: Brazil Keen On Seeking Redemption

FIFA 2014 World Cup Battle For Third Place: Brazil Keen On Seeking Redemption

Brazil suffered its worst defeat after Uruguay’s 6-0 thrashing in 1920 when they went against Germany during the semis. The host fell out in a disappointing fashion when Die Mannschaft slapped them with seven (7) goals in front of their very own crowd.



Brazil entered the competition with strong hopes that it will lift the coveted trophy this year. It made impressive performances during the first leg when it dominated its group. They continued to feature when they fought a resilient Chile and showed determination when they outlasted Colombia.


However, the Colombia match became a premonition of the nightmare that is about to take place in Belo Horizonte.


During the dying minutes of the match, Neymar, its talismanic striker injured his back, forcing him to watch in the sidelines. Likewise, Thiago Silva, the doyen of Brazilian defence incurred another booking. The call meant he will be suspended during the faceoff against Germany.


As Brazil entered the semis, the squad tried to get some inspiration from Neymar’s absence. However, the result caused barely appeased Neymar’s depressing situation. The Selecaos badly missed the defensive strength of Silva and in twenty-nine (29) minutes, Germany destroyed Brazil. The Selecaos crumbled like a house of cards and its dream of lifting the trophy vanished into thin air.


Team form

Thiago Silva will be joining the pitch after serving his suspension. His presence is expected to bolster the squad’s broken defence. His tandem with David Luiz will contribute in stopping a rampaging Netherlands.
Neymar, of course, will be missed. But there is always Bernard and Oscar to fill the void.


The star man

The so-called Silva lining—the captain and backbone of Brazil will definitely do everything to secure redemption from their humiliating loss.


The Achilles heel

Brazil lost the support of its people during their loss. Its emotional and psychological impacts have greatly affected the players. They should be able to overcome this ordeal to stay focus during their redeeming match.


Reason to celebrate

Winning the match is the only consolation that Brazil can give to its supporters. The squad will fight tooth and nail in order to get the redemption that they need. This is despite reports of Netherlands’ disinterest in securing the third spot.



Image Source: Jamie McDonald via Getty Images

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