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Eriksson Hails Hodgson’s Decision To Bring A Psychiatrist During World Cup

Eriksson Hails Hodgson’s Decision To Bring A Psychiatrist During World Cup

England’s former head honcho, Sven-Goran Eriksson expressed his support for Roy Hodgson’s move in bringing in a psychiatrist to resolve the squad’s problems when taking a penalty shot.


Eriksson explained that if he can only turn back time, he would have taken a sports psychologist on board too. He added that it was one of the biggest mistakes in his managerial career.


England has the worst penalty record among the competing squads in World Cup. This “recurring problem” has prevented them from advancing into the next stage of the tournament. Unfortunately, their failure in the penalty line does not end in world Cup. Its effects were also felt in other big tournaments such as the EURO.


While it is true that ample time has been given in training penalty shots, Eriksson explained that their ideal results barely reflect during the actual tournament. The pressure was simply too high for the players to handle.


Although managers can always give words of encouragement or inspiration, Eriksson shared that they are far from being the experts or “specialists” in this matter, thus, making their presence a bit trivial when it comes to addressing pressure.


Prior to leaving for Brazil, Hodgson disclosed that he will be bringing in Dr. Steve Peters to help the squad perform well during penalties. Peters extensive working experience includes the Great Britain cycling team during the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. He is also working with the last season’s title contender, Liverpool.


Grouped with Uruguay, Italy and Costa Rica,  England is one of the least favorites of world cup betting tips. The squad is valued to win at a profitable value of 3.00 after Uruguay’s 2.80.


Image Source: New York Daily News


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