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Disbelief, dismay envelop Brazil semi-final loss

Disbelief, dismay envelop Brazil semi-final loss

In what was arguably the worst defeat of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Brazil felt surreal how a 7-1 rout was produced right on their own soil. Germany met with Selacao in Belo Horizonte for the semi-finals and it was originally touted to be one of the year’s most thrilling face-offs in spite of Neymar and Thiago Silva’s absence. With utter disbelief, the host country succumbed to their guests and conceded five goals in the first half and another two in the second. If not for Oscar’s late rally, Brazil would have bidden farewell with zero goals.


Of course, the defeat was so humiliating that even coach Luiz Felipe Scolari has declared it was “the worst day of [his] life.” He took responsibility of the downfall and has accepted the huge possibility that the blame would all boil down to him.


The supporters were particularly very upset and angered by the unbelievable result. Some burned an empty bus to express their dismay while others turned to social media to voice out their sadness over their heroes’ fall. Dozens of memes have also sprawled in the Internet following the upset, the most famous one being the photoshopped Christ the Redeemer statue with his palm on his face.


The bloodbath was not the first time Brazil experienced such a disaster. In 1950, while also serving as the World Cup hosts, they finished goalless against Uruguay, who scored six goals to leave Selecao in a massive clean sheet embarrassment. History almost repeated, except that this time, Brazil conceded more goals and scored one.


Muller (1), Klose (1), Kroos (2), and Khedira (1) scored in the first 29 minutes of the battle while Schurrle fired two more in the second half before Oscar netted a late consolation in the 90th minute. Brazil would face either Argentina or Netherlands on July 12 to fight for the Third Place.


(Featured image: Brazil fans mourn | Source: FIFA)

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