FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Didier Deschamps Downplay France’s World Cup Titles, Ribery And Pogba Dissent

Didier Deschamps Downplay France’s World Cup Titles, Ribery And Pogba Dissent

The head honcho of France’s national football team, Didier Deschamps, downplayed Les Bleus possibility of snatching the 2014 World Cup trophy, stating that the squad needs a miracle to accomplish such feat.


Deschamps stressed that while he has big dreams for the squad, he does not fall into the trap of disillusionment. He explained that France’s slim chances have to be openly accepted. He cited the reality that Togo was the only group stage match, which France won during the last twelve (12) years. Deschamp added that there are other squads, which he thinks is much better than that of France. He specifically pointed out to Spain, the incumbent World Cup champion, which happened to be a certified European champion too.


Nevertheless, while Deschamps downplays France’s chances, this may not sound true for some of his players.


2013 Baloon d’Or nominee, Franck Ribery stressed that he is hopeful that the squad will snatch a strong finish. He looks forward to the idea of lifting the trophy and describes the upcoming event as his last World Cup. Ribery is part of the 2006 World Cup contingent that made it to the final, but lost to Italy via penalties.


But Ribery is not the only one who maintains a positive view towards France’s World Cup matches. The Juventus sensation, Paul Pogba shares the same sentiment with Ribery. He also eyes for the coveted silverware, which is also the culmination of his childhood dreams.


Grouped against Switzerland, Honduras and Ecuador, France possibilities of appearing into another final match is indeed, very much possible.



Image Source: Daily Star

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