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The Curious Case of Roy Hodgson

The Curious Case of Roy Hodgson

How far can Roy Hodgson take England in World Cup?


Despite helping the squad qualify, a series of controversies continue to haunt the present head honcho of the Three Lions. Somehow, these have eclipsed the man’s achievements and capabilities of ensuring a stronger finish for the squad.


A diverse experience

Roy Hodgson’s diverse experience makes him the perfect man to handle the job. With stints and notable achievements in both big and small clubs, his knowledge and flexibility are expected to help England end its 3-decade drought for a World Cup trophy.


Hodgson had a taste of different football playing styles across the globe. His managerial career landed him in renowned football craze hotspots such as Switzerland, Italy, UAE, Denmark and of course, England.


He may have a short stint in the clubs he handled, but he saw to it that he will snatch a silverware or at least a tournament qualification for the clubs that went under his management.


One of his victorious feats was guiding Inter Milan into the UEFA Final Cup circa 1996-1997. He is also known for helping the struggling Fulham qualify into the Europa League. In the international scene, Hodgson once took charge of Finland.


Evidently, with such credentials, it will not be difficult to entrust England into his hands. Much is expected from the man as his encounters in other European clubs gave a glimpse to what the clubs need to change and improve.

And true enough, Hodgson just helped England qualify for the most awaited football tournament.


Preferred style

Hodgson has a penchant for the 4-4-2 formation and with England’s current roster, it will be too surprising to see him run out of supply and not only does he has a supply, we are talking about high-caliber ones such as the likes of Wayne Rooney and veterans Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard.


While it is true that Hodgson is a fan of 4-4-2, he is also recognized for extending efforts in changing his formation to suit the players.


Issues and controversy

Just recently, Sunderland’s Adam Johnson expressed his disappointment over the “meritocracy” that exists when choosing the final starting Xi.


However, Hodgson has pointed early on that the door remains open. He stressed that the friendly against Denmark shall not determine the players that will be participating in the World Cup matches.


Addressing the missed penalties

Perhaps if there is one thing that will make Hodgson’s reign a memorable one—other than the success, of course, this is the inclusion of a psychiatrist in the club. England’s main man believes that a psychiatrist will be a great boost to the squad’s mentality and at the same time, address the trauma they have in the penalty line.





Image Source: The Guardian

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