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Coach Vahid Builds Strong Foundation For Algerian Football

Coach Vahid Builds  Strong Foundation For Algerian Football

Very little has been said about Algeria’s current football manager, Vahid Halilhodžić. His name is no stranger in several world cup matches.  He was a part of the already defunct, Yugoslavian contingent ion 1982 and what many is unaware of is the depth of his managerial experience.


Halilhodžić’s impressive resume includes Raja Casablanca’s dominance in the 1997 CAF Champions League. He also spearheaded the unprecedented rise of Lille OSC in Ligue 1.


It was under his tutelage that Lille was able to establish a strong and formidable force in France’s top-flight league. In less than 3 years, he was the mastermind behind the club’s return in Ligue 1 after being relegated. Other than that, he also guided Paris Saint Germain (PSG) in the 2004 Coupe de France and of course, it is hard to forget his contributions during his short stint at Ivory Coast. With less than  a week before the 2010 World Cup, he was relieved of his duties despite a strong qualifying campaign.


With the frustrations he felt during his sudden exit, it was pretty natural for Halilhodžić , or “Coach Vahid” as many would call him, to be hesitant in fulfilling managerial duties for Algeria. Yet, it was the “sincerity” and the undying love for football that made him accept the offer. It was never an easy decision and it entailed a lot of hard work. Nevertheless, all their efforts paid off.
Known for his strict and demanding demeanor, his approach was readily welcomed by his players. He ingrained a winning mindset for the rest of the squad—something that Algeria lacked prior to his arrival.


But aside from being a certified disciplinarian, Coach Vahid is also known for his communicating his message and ambitions well to his players. He has successfully bridge the seemingly ethnic gap that separates the domestic Algerian players and those that play in European-based clubs. And just like what he did to Lille, Coach Vahid was able to establish a legion of strong and loyal pitch warriors. Algeria made it to the 2-legged playoffs against Burkina Faso. The rest is of course, history.


Coach Vahid’s success however will not materialize if not for the encouragement that he receives from Algeria’s supporters. This has been one of the squad’s lifeblood and source of inspiration during throughout their World Cup journey.


Algeria may be the minnow in the competition. Yet, it is hard to predict how far a determined spirit such as Coach Vahid can go. Even the football great Pele stressed—Algeria cannot be undermined.


Image Source: Goal

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