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Captain Lionel Messi Takes Argentina To Greater Heights

Captain Lionel Messi Takes Argentina To Greater Heights

Once a small boy struggling with growth deficiency syndrome, Lionel Andres Messi transformed into a great football sensation known for his superb style and record-breaking feats. But despite his god-like success in the pitch, Messi has never left the arena of criticisms and comments. Majority of these have something to do with his role as the talismanic striker and captain of the Argentinian squad.


Messi’s ability as a prolific finisher hardly requires a justification. Just 26, he is the only footballer that has won the prestigious FIFA Ballon d’ Or for 3 consecutive years. At 25, he is the youngest player to score 200 goals in Spain’s top-flight league. He is Barcelona’s scoring machine. He is one of the club’s lifeblood. He is Barcelona. He is a certified football great.


Unfortunately, Messi is a victim of his own success. Many expect the striker to display a similar form and performance in World Cup matches. Many expect him to be Argentina’s invincible attacking force. But such expectation was hardly fulfilled. An avalanche of disappointments and regrets were brought to life as Messi failed to bring La Albiceleste into the zenith of the previous World Cup encounters. Questions were raised about the decision to hand over the captain’s armband to him. In the international scene, Messi’s stellar performance was perceived as an ordinary streak.


Indeed, it is never wrong to expect greater and bigger things from the football protégé. However, with all the criticisms thrown against him, many forgot that Messi’s maturity at that time was still evolving—that despite his success at Barcelona, his performances on an international scale is still in need of major improvements and refinements. Many forgot that while Messi was on his way to maturity, what he has achieved as a young player is already an extraordinary feat for someone who is also on his way of building a footballing career.


Likewise, to put the brunt of Argentina’s shortcomings to Messi totally neglects the fact that football is never a one-man team—that this beautiful game is comprised of 10 other players tasked with different roles, but working towards a common goal.


Questioning Messi’s may never end. However, what many of his detractors failed to notice is that every time they attribute Argentina’s success to Messi, they are also acknowledging his greatness—that every criticism they throw is actually a recognition of Messi’s strength—that for every blame that they throw upon him is actually an implicit admission and acceptance that Lionel Andres Messi is bigger than life.


Image Source: Soccer Transfers

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