FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Bravo! Chile Hails Team Captain Claudio Bravo

Bravo! Chile Hails Team Captain Claudio Bravo

Claudio Bravo’s role within the Chilean national football squad goes beyond preventing talismanic strikers from making their move on the pitch. This charismatic athlete is one of the squad’s pillars, cornerstones and thresholds of strengths—he is Chile’s highly respected captain.


Bravo’s rise to prominence is probably written in the stars. Colo Colo became his most plausible avenue where he could showcase his heart-stopping and breathtaking skills. After helping the club secure a title, Colo Colo transformed into a small stage where he can have a massive display of his strengths. As soon as his fan base grew, his name also caught the attention of clubs outside of South America. News of how this young man could be an important recipe for footballing success spread, until he finally found a home in Real Sociedad.


But even La Liga is barely enough to contain his greatness. Rival clubs such as Barcelona has been keeping tabs on him. Reports have it that he is the suitable—no—perfect replacement for Victor Valdes. Likewise, even his fellow Chilean legend, Manuel Pellegrini is eager to secure his services, following Joe Hart’s lackluster performances in Manchester City. Yet, in as much as he is making a name for himself across the European region, it seems that Bravo’s popularity is further highlighted with his performances in international competitions such as Copa America and of course, World Cup.


Bravo has been a familiar face during the last three (3) Copa America tournaments. Likewise, he has been a constant World Cup participant since he represented the squad during his U-17, U-20 and U-23 years. Now bestowed with a bigger role, he is expected to help his side progress in the tournament, just like what he did with Real Sociedad. The responsibilities are more tasking since Chile is grouped against the 2010 World Cup champion and runner up—Spain, Netherlands and Australia.


Aware that they are not the favorite—that they are far from being world cup betting’s top pick, Bravo remains confident that they can perform “great things” and advance to the latter stages of the tournament. This degree of confidence is something that Bravo wants to pass on to his team mates in order for them to survive the matches.


Bravo strongly believes that the squad has already reached its maturity. He stressed that such will be Chile’s main weapon. He also added that in terms of experience, the Chilean squad shall not be tagged as second rate as mostly of the perceived participants in the 2014 World Cup has also played during the 2010 tournament.


Only time can tell and of course, the results of the 2014 World Cup can verify Bravo’s statement. Nevertheless, the high self-esteem that Bravo gives to the team is already a testament to the squad’s maturity. What Bravo shows and tries to inculcate readily presents an impressive leadership style that is able to create miracles within the squad and therefore encourage them to go achieve and higher goal.


Image Source: El Grafico Chile

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