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The Brave And Bold Jürgen Klinsmann

The Brave And Bold Jürgen Klinsmann

Despite the criticism thrown at him during USA’s loss to Ukraine during a friendly, there is no doubt that Jürgen Klinsmann brought a significant improvement in the squad. His approaches are not always seen on a positive note. Yet, he has always proven all of his detractors wrong.


United States’ best World Cup achievement was entering the quarter-finals in 2002. Since then the squad has return to its short World Cup stints. In 2006 and 2010, the Yanks are back to its usual slot in the competition—the group stage and round of 16. This kind of mediocre performance during world cup matches is something that Klinsmann wants to change and with what they have shown in the qualifiers, it looked like the United States is really up for a stronger finish.


This may sound like a mere wishful thinking. But finishing on top of its group during the qualifiers readily proves that they can make an impression in the tournament.


One of the most overt improvements experienced by the club is their strong away form. It has always been a difficult feat for the squad to secure victories outside their territories and it still proved to be difficult even during Klinsmann’s arrival. But here is the difference: the squad wins more often.
A poor away form is not exclusive to the Yanks. Majority of the squads experience this kind of dilemma. The unexpected terrains that greet the players, the extreme weather conditions—when all of these add up, any visitor shall encounter difficulties in winning. But then again, at the end of the day, what matters the most is not how hard the match is, but on how a squad was able to overcome such difficulty and definitely, this is what happened under Klinsmann’s tutelage.


Regardless of the difficulties, they still emerge as the strongest force in its group.


Other than improving USA’s away form, Klinsmann’s unwavering faith in his talent pool became one of the most important ingredients of their success.


Certain coaches readily give value to a player’s individual performance, but Klinsmann’s courageous plan of making the most of what he has, generated positive results.


Valuing individual performances is a common practice among coaches. It is one of the basics in forming a seemingly invincible squad. But more often than not, this leads to the dropping of an underperforming, but experienced players.


Klinsmann understood that inconsistent performances are plain ordinary and that there are players, who are good, but are ignored due to their lack or little exposure in their present clubs.


Thus, he started putting back Eddie Johnson, Jozy Altidore, Break Shea and Graham Zusi, to name a few into the squad. Aware of the second chances given to them, the above-mentioned players did not only do what is told. They defied the odds and exceeded all the expectations.


Klinsmann also did a good job in securing the support of players with dual citizenship. This tactic has readily beefed up the squad and therefore enabled them to collect the much needed points.


But if there is anything that made Klinsmann an evident success in managing the Yanks, this is his courage to take the risks. He is not afraid to try new approaches, provided that it will help them get the job done.


Just recently, Klinsmann made a “professional shift” that “transitioned” Martin Vazquez to a different responsibility. Tab Ramos was appointed to replace Vazquez. Likewise, the shift saw the inclusion of Berti Vogts, who is hired as a special assistant.


According to Klinsmann, the move is meant to maximize the strength of its staff and put them into positions where they are seen to excel more.


For some, the decision was a little bit abrupt and late considering the fact that World Cup is just around the corner. However, the German coach sees it as yet another bold move to secure their success in the upcoming event.


Image Source: Welt

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