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Boateng Disappointed With Fans’ Reaction To Ozil

Boateng Disappointed With Fans’ Reaction To Ozil

Jerome Boateng expressed his anger and disappointment against Die Mannschaft supporters who “booed” Mesut Ozil during the friendly against Cameroon.


As if the even steven finish was not enough to dampen Boateng’s spirits, the fans’ reaction over Ozil added more frustration to the squad’s defender. Boateng stressed that he “cannot understand” why certain supporters had to jeer his teammate and implied that such behavior does little help to the squad’s morale. He (Boateng) added that if such attitude continues, then it is much better for these supporters to avoid entering the stadium.


The discouraging reaction was not a one-time event. The same incident occurred during the friendly against Chile.


Ozil’s transfer to Arsenal was one of the most talked-about switches last season. It was a surprised that many did not expect. However, as Ozil had his taste of the English Premier League’s (EPL) tedious schedule, he slowly left the center stage. His situation became even worse when a hamstring injury bugged him towards the end of the season.


Meanwhile, Germany’s top brass, Joachim Low also noticed that Ozil was unable to live up to expectations after he was substituted during the Cameroon friendly. Nevertheless, the manager was understandable enough to acknowledge the esteem issues that Ozil confronts.


Germany is included in the so-called “group of death” where they have to face Portugal, Ghana and USA. Despite the lackluster performance, Ozil is expected to be a crucial part of the starting XI.


Die Mannschaft is deemed as the group’s heavy favorite with world cup oddsvalued at 1.50.



Image Source: Telegraph

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