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Benitez’s Untimely Death Inspires La Tri

Benitez’s Untimely Death Inspires La Tri

Christian “Chucho” Benitez’s sudden demise will serve as one of La Tri’s inspirations in their fearless quest of the World Cup trophy. Chucho suffered from a cardiac arrest while playing for the El Jaish club last year and left a void in Ecuador’s national football team. His untimely death made his presence extremely missed since it was in the middle of the World Cup qualifiers.


Benitez was a certified poacher of the Ecuadorian squad. At 27, he has already scored twenty-four (24) goals in his fifty-eight (58) appearances. His top-notched skills on the pitch became even more pronounced and recognized during the 2006 World Cup. He was one of the contenders for the “best young player” award and if not for his unexpected death, he will certainly, make Ecuador roar with his spectacular goals.


While Ecuador’s World Cup berth is often linked to its home court advantage—the high altitude Quito, which made their opponents beg for air, the advantage may not have been exploited well if not for Chucho’s contributions. Reinaldo Rueda, the squad’s head honcho described him as “irreplaceable.”


Rueda, of course, is not the sole soul who recognizes Chucho’s world class playing style, Antonio Valencia, the squad’s team captain is also one of his biggest supporters.


For the Manchester United winger, Chucho was his pitch brother—a sibling whom he shares the same passion. Valencia even had a Chucho-inspired tattoo.


Mourning for Benitez was a painstaking, but necessary process. To this date, the memories of the celebrated striker haunt the Ecuadorian camp. Yet, instead of succumbing into depression, his death became a constant reminder to be better.


As Chucho ‘s name became synonymous to World Cup, truly, the deceased footballer will not want his death to affect La Tri’s performance. Instead, he wants it to be a celebration—a celebration of Ecuador’s undying determination to secure a silverware.


Ecuador may have lost an instrumental striker, but it has a legion of highly talented pitch warriors, which can be inspired by Chucho’s excellence. La Tri may not be the top pick of the World Cup betting tips, but certainly, they have all the talent to feature and impress in the said competition.


Image Source: Quiero Mas Futbol

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