FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Belgium: The Making Of A Champion

Belgium: The Making Of A Champion

Although recognized for the depth of their line-up, members of the Belgian squad seem to have different opinions on how they will fare in the highly anticipated sporting event. Eden Hazard downplays their chances. But Thomas Vemaelen believes they can make an impact in the tournament.
After dominating their group in the qualifiers, it is easy for the squad to be tagged as one of the possible title contenders. With a roster of World Class players that have been making names across the European region, it is hard to underestimate what their players can do on the pitch.


Take for example, Eden Hazard, who can be a wicked playmaker that will open plenty of scoring opportunities for the squad. There are also Marouane Fellaini and Romelu Lukako, who can be a real attacking threat. Along with them is Vincent Kompany, whose undisputed leadership and experience are instrumental in helping the squad sustain composure during heated encounters.  The presence of these players and most importantly, the impressive resume that they possess is precisely the reason behind Vemaelen’s confidence in the performance of his club.


But while Vemaelen’s contentions have their merits, Hazard never fails to remind their supporters that they are still, a “young team” that has plenty of room for improvement— that perhaps, it is still too early to dub them World cup betting favoriteand indeed, there is  truth to Hazard and Vemaelen’s perceptions to the squad.


In a friendly against Ivory Coast, Belgium imposed itself early in the match. The promising squad took an early lead as Fellaini and Radja Nainggolan scored. However, the inexperience set in as the veteran striker, Didier Drogba stole the spotlight when he nailed Ivory Coast’s first goal, which inspired Max Gradel to pull off an equalizer several seconds before the final whistle.


Apparently, Belgium already has the kind of confidence expected from renowned champions. Yet, like every young warrior, their skills and strength still needs to be sharpened and honed.



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